Next Steps

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Growth Track

Growth Track is your first step in connecting to Bridgeview Church. It's here you'll find out more about Bridgeview, our mission, and how to connect with your new church.

Growth Track

GROWTH TRACK happens in 2 steps.  Your first step is Bridgeview 101. If you are interested in starting your journey here at Bridgeview Church, contact the office at, check out the church calendar, or take a look at a Sunday bulletin.

How To Connect


As a church, we’re called and empowered to change the world by representing Jesus in as many places as possible!

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give.


If you have decided to follow Jesus and you are ready to take the next step and get baptized we want to celebrate with you!

Marriage Mentoring

Whether your newly married, or have been married for over 30 years. If you want to strengthen, grow, improve, or restore your marriage, Marriage Mentoring is for you!


Below you’ll find a list highlighting some of our upcoming events here at Bridgeview Church.