Changing the World for Jesus

We Are Kingdom Builders

The great mission that Jesus gave to the Church was to make disciples of all nations.

At Bridgeview, part of our DNA is that we are working to see God's Kingdom grow throughout the world.

We believe in missions!

That is why we support missionaries, missions organizations, and missions projects both by prayer and financial giving.

As you consider making Bridgeview your church,
know that our heartbeat is making it simple for people to find and follow Jesus--in every part of the world.

Missions Overview

Simple explanations to the basic questions about missions

What is Missions?

“Missions” means the work to reach people with the Gospel all around the world.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus tells the disciples to reach their community, their region, their nation, and the ends of the earth with the Gospel.

The core desire is to make it simple for people to find and follow Jesus. Many strategies are used to make this happen ranging from evangelistic efforts to compassion ministries such as feeding programs or rescue operations.

What is important is that, no matter the method, people are getting the chance to find and follow Jesus.

Why Do Missions?

Because people everywhere deserve the chance to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel!

God cares for every person and wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus (2 Peter 3:8). We want that as well.

Jesus gave the church the core mission of making disciples in every part of the world (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8).

We have to do everything we can so others have the chance to find and follow Jesus.

Who Does Missions?

Every follower of Jesus! We all have the responsibility to make disciples of all nations.

Missionaries and missions organizations are those who have answered the specific call of Jesus to go on the missions field so others can find and follow Jesus. They help reach places many of us could not get to alone.

Believers of all ages get the chance to participate in missions by praying, giving financially to missions, and going themselves on short-term trips.

We should all be looking to answer the call of God to make the Gospel known in our local context and around the world.

Where Does Missions Happen?


No matter where you go there are people that need to hear about Jesus.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus makes it clear that believers are responsible to spread the Gospel in their immediate context and all around the world.

None of us can go everywhere, but we can all support missions through prayer and financial giving.

What is Bridgeview's System for Missions?

We focus on a few distinct ways of engaging in the global mission of Christ.

Financially, our church gives 10% of our general fund giving to support missionaries, missions organizations, and missions projects. We support many missionaries and organization on a monthly basis. We also pick a few major missions projects each year to give towards. Finally, we encourage people in our church to give to support missions above and beyond their tithes,

We also want to raise awareness about missions. We regularly have missionaries speak in our church about what they are doing and how people can get involved.

On top of those ways, we also offer opportunities for people to GO do missions around the world. We offer missions trips each year for teens and adults. We want people to not just give to missions but to also go be a part of spreading the Gospel.

How Do I Participate?

You can participate in missions in four ways.

  1. Spread the Good News of Jesus to those around you.
  2. Pray for missionaries and missions organizations.
  3. Give financially to support those on the mission field.
  4. Go on the mission field yourself either via a short-term trip or as a career missionary.

Below there is a more detailed explanation of how you can do those things at Bridgeview!

How To Get Involved


There are people in each of our lives that need to hear about the hope of Jesus. One of the best ways you can get involved is by sharing your faith to your friends and family!


The driving force behind all missions work is prayer. You can make a massive difference by praying for missionaries, organizations, and projects around the world.


Missions does not happen without financial support. Giving allows you to invest in many places where you cannot personally go. It is a blessing to partner with God's work through our giving.


We all need to be open to going. This can be through short-term trips offered here or by becoming a lifelong missionary. We need people to answer the call to go!

Kids & Teens

Missions is for all believers, not just adults!

That's why at Bridgeview we have missions programs for kids and teens. We want to engage the next generation with the mission of God even at a young age.

For kids, this means raising awareness about missions and giving to BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge). BGMC is a missions program that helps raise money for missionaries all around the world.

For teens, this means activating them in both giving and going. The teens give to Speed the Light which is also a missions program that goes to support missionaries in both helping them to spread the Gospel and enabling them to meet physical needs through compassion ministry.

Each year, Bridgeview challenges teens to also be involved in missions by going on short-term mission trips specifically for their age group.

Hear From The Minnesota World Missions Director

Mark Boone
Mark Boone

We are excited about missions in Minnesota!   Over the last several years Minnesota has become the leading Assemblies of God district in missions, both in giving and in sending. 

Bridgeview Church has played a big part as your missions giving and involvement has mirrored our district growth.  It does not happen by accident!  It happens because churches respond to God by letting him put missions in their hearts.  BVC has done that! 

As the Mission’s Director for the Assemblies of God in Minnesota I thank you for responding to God’s challenge.  There is still much to do to reach the lost, so please keep responding to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the world.


Mark Boone

Minnesota Assemblies of God Mission’s Director