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november 2016

Celebration Point.  Junior Bible Quiz team won 4 matches this month!

Our JBQ team is doing well...the kids are having fun learning the Bible and they won all 4 of their matches this morning at the meet in Brainerd.  Way to go team and thanks to Keri Erickson and Ann Huber for your help leading the team!

Here is a picture from the team, check it out:  IMG_1599.JPG

What's Happening Now? CORE TEAM BREAKFAST: Saturday February 4th at 9 am.

Don't miss our Core Team Breakfast.  We'll be hearing from Pastor Steve as he lays out some plans for the coming year and years.  It's going to be really important information that will be helpful...please be there!  

What's on the Horizon?  Special Speaker DREW BERRYESSA:  Sunday February 19th Sunday AM & 5pm Q/A

As a part of our Series in February "The Untouchables" we're covering some difficult topics.  One of them will be homosexuality.  Drew Berryessa has a very unique perspective on this as he's a former homosexual who found Jesus.  His mission is now tied in helping people overcome that sin and find healing in Jesus.  He's going to be someone you will NOT WANT to miss and please, bring your friends!  In the evening at 5 pm, we'll order pizza and give people a chance to ask him questions. MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW TO BE THERE!  Check out his website at

Big Prayer Point.  An outpouring of the manifest presence of Jesus in our church

Lately I'm sure you have heard me talk about this...I've been especially struck by our need for this in our church!  People need to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit...we want that in every part of our church.  We need to PRAY for this.  PRAY PRAY PRAY!  I ask you to join with me and pray, fast, and seek the face of God for a mighty outpouring of His power in our church and area.  People need Jesus now like never before in our nation...our hope is HIM.

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As always, I want to hear from you.  If you have something you need to communicate to me regarding a celebration point, an issue in your area of ministry that might be overlooked, or some other item, my door is always open to you.  If you prefer, you can email me to start the conversation.  

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Training.  None this month

We will focus more on that at our Core Team Breakfast...PLEASE BE THERE!

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